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Read this post carefully to understand the values and focus this guild has before applying.

Who is Vrede?
We are an international guild. We have experienced players from many different games who each of them seeks out new challenges and tries to push their gaming to a new level. We are semi-hardcore, aiming for a friendly, social and a "fun focused" environment. Beating Wildstar raids into the ground may be our main focus but making the road to achieving that as enjoyable as possible is still very important!

Our main focus in the game will be … Raiding and general PvE. Other type of players are welcome as well of course. We also aim to hold social events outside the raiding to get closer as a team and as friends.

Server: Jabbit
Faction: Dominion
Style: Semi-Hardcore (keep reading!)
Focus: PvE (Raiding)
Region: Europe
Timezone: GMT+1 (CET)
VoIP program: TeamSpeak 3

The guild structure
We run it as an open (voted for) 3 man council. This means that every decision we take will be approved by at least one other council member before it goes through. Does this mean that decisions will take ages to go through? No, the councillors are talking daily to each other about various challenges and take care of them right away. We believe that a council will be the most fair structure for this guild going forward, and also the closest to our vision: to have an amazing time together! Have a proposal or concern about the guild? - Let a council member know and we will discuss how to tackle it.

What do we mean when we say we are "semi-hardcore"?
The definition of semi-hardcore is pretty vague and will be explained differently depending on who you ask. Some might say you have to play "x amount of hours" every day, others that you have to raid every day. We however, have another belief, and therefore would like to clarify our view on the subject;

We believe that a semi-hardcore person isn't defined by playing 10+ hours a day, or raid 5-6 times per week (about half of that might be enough for the main raiders). We instead think that by being read-up about the game, knowing the game mechanics and have a good understanding of tactics, the rest is mostly about adjusting the execution. We prefer quality raiding over hundreds of hours of not getting anywhere only because someone doesn't know what they are doing. Don't get us wrong, there should certainly be room for trial and error, especially in the beginning. But the thing that should take most of the time during guild-events should be minor tweaking. If you sign up to a raid then you should be well prepared in all ways. Read our forums for tactics and tips. To round it up, for us a deeper knowledge is the difference between a casual and semi-hardcore player, or rather the willing to continuously learn about the game even in your non-gaming hours.

So how much will I have to play, and how many raids will there be per week?
First of all, you don't have to play a set amount to be in our guild, we accept social members for those who want to be a part of us but can't raid regularly. However, if you want to be a part of the main raid team you will certainly have the best chance of getting your items and also an easier time to reserve your raiding spot. Concerning how much we will raid is the easy answer as many times a week that seems necessary to gain reasonable progress.

We're raiding 3 days per week and our raiding schedule is:

Tuesdays 19:30 - 23:30
Thursdays 19:30 - 23:30
Sundays 18:30 - 22:30

These raid times and days are always open for discussion. With new patches/gamechanges and the priorities changing by that, the members can always vote and change these

We're using a loot council. This loot council changes as loot priorities change or council members themselves being viable to loot a certain item that they need to make decisions about. We feel that this makes it as fair as possible and speeds the looting along while progress/efficiency can be maintained.

One thing to add is that we want people to have time for their real lives. Being in a guild, playing a game should be a hobby and also a lot of fun, not a second job. What we want to achieve is having a guild that both gets reasonable progress through our interest and dedication but also lets it's members sustain a healthy life outside of the game. It will be a long and rough way getting there, but we don't believe growing up and getting responsibilities should stop us from getting the fun and thrill of progressing in a game together with a team of friends! It's after all one of the best feelings there is!

If this feels like something you're searching for, please read through our confort conditions below before submitting your application. We're excited to meet you!

Comfort Conditions:

    The Guild
  • Remember, as you are a part of the guild you are also representing its image, hence you should always act polite towards everyone (with the exception of your enemy, of-course!). We want a good atmosphere in and around this guild.
  • Players that have been inactive for a longer time (weeks) without notice, will be demoted or removed from guild. If you need to take a longer break from the game, make sure to inform the council about why and how long you will be gone to prevent being removed from the guild.
  • Decisions about the guild are made by the council, so make sure to respect your leaders.
  • Have fun and keep a good attitude towards your guildies and your surrounding :)

    Raids & Events
  • Guild raids are always priority one. Never get yourself locked for a raid before a scheduled guild event. Even if you are not signed up you might be needed as a stand in, so wait until the scheduled guild raids are done or consult a councillor before running your PUG.
  • Be well prepared for raids and dungeons. Make sure to read up on tactics if needed and bring consumables that last through the whole event.
  • If you have to go AFK under a raid or dungeon, make sure to let everyone know. If you should be gone for more then 10 minutes we will do our best to find a replacement.
  • If you can't make it to an event you have signed up for, make sure a councillor or raid leader gets informed in time.
  • Un-necessary noise in voice chat during raids (such as screaming a lot of bad words or banging your head against the keyboard) will result in you being muted for the rest of the raid. Scream so your neighbor can hear, but please refrain from pushing the "push-to-talk" button meanwhile. Remember the "good atmosphere" we want to have, this also applies to voice chat.
  • Use push-to-talk in mumble if at all possible, otherwise have VERY controlled auto-sensitivity settings.
  • Always do your best in group events. We expect you to make an effort while playing with the guild. If you are in a hurry or having a very bad day, be a gent' and find a replacement instead.
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